Privacy statement

All data collected by Technodeal in relation to personal data will be processed and
stored by Technodeal with the utmost care and diligence.

Registered temporary employee
Technodeal collects data in the form of Curricula Vitae, which are sent to Technodeal
or obtained from published sources, with the aim of recruiting persons whose CVs
are in our possession for our (potential) customer who have (potential) vacancies in
various positions.
This includes personal data such as: name, address, contact details and the relevant
work experience and education of the candidate.
Candidates will be presented to our clients as anonymously as possible.
As long as a registered temporary employee wants to be mediated to work by
Technodeal, relevant data will be stored. The data will in any case be deleted at the
temporary employee's request.
The data will be deleted at the latest two years after registration. Technodeal will
periodically ask if temporary workers still want to be mediated. This can be done in a
mailing (in writing) or by phone (orally).

Currently working and former temporary employees
Technodeal also processes all the necessary data of its employees (including former
employees) as prescribed by law for companies when employing personnel.
When you start working for us, we will process your BSN number and we will need to
make a copy of your valid identity document.
This information must be included in the Technodeal administration before
commencing your new work.
This data is collected in advance only when there is a high degree of certainty that a
potential employee joins Technodeal. If, however, it turns out that an employment
contract cannot be entered into, the aforementioned data will be removed/destroyed
from all our systems within the deadlines determined by law.
If you are going to take the job, we will provide the relevant client with the necessary
information. This includes the following information: name, address, date and place of
birth, your BSN and number of your identity card. In principle, we will not provide the
client with a copy of your identity document. This is only permitted if it has been
established that the temporary agency worker is a foreign national from outside the
EEA or a resident of Switzerland.

Technodeal applies the legally required retention periods.
Technodeal collects the minimum possible data regarding personal data of our
clients, only in the scope that is necessary for the conduct of the business.
Technodeal does not use cookies on its website and does not sell data in the form of
personal data to third parties.